Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: The Hobby Is Thriving In Northwest Arkansas...

...and it sucks for me.  There were about 30 people at Cleve's auction tonight, which is the most I've seen not including the Holiday auction.   What was most concerning was that there were several people in attendance I've never seen before, and they all were aggressive bidders.  If they get a Cleve auction in their veins, they'll be back.  Of course I'm happy to see Cleve get a good turnout, and I want the hobby to be healthy.  But these dudes are making it harder for me to sneak home some cheap pickups.  These new guys weren't married either, which is not a good sign.  They don't have to answer to anyone on how they spend their money like us married folk.  Single dudes with jobs are the toughest competitors at auctions for guys like me.

There were a few kids there too, and they're also tough to deal with.  A 1983 Fleer Tony Gwynn came up for bid that I wanted.  I bid $3 and some kid bid $4.  No one else bid, and I probably could have got it for $5, or at least made the kid pay $6.   I can't drive up the price on a kid without looking like a jerk now can I?   So kids are the second toughest competitors at these things.    Actually, the toughest competitor is this doctor that sits in the back and lays down a few grand every time he comes in.  Tonight he picked up an unreal complete 1966 Topps set in a binder (every card was pristine), with the Mantle card PSA graded separately.   I think he spent $950 on it.  He also picked up a few American Caramel cards that were ridiculously cool.  Maybe I should just start posting his wins each week.  They would be much more interesting than mine.

Speaking of competitors, my nemesis has not been to an auction in a while.  I would like to believe I scared him off, but something tells me he's out there, lurking, up to no good.

Even though the place was packed tonight, and I didn't get everything I wanted, I did manage a few wins.  They were modest, but decent:

I found this card of Robin Roberts interesting just for the fact that it lists the Yankees as his team.  Roberts started all of 0 games for the Yankees in his career.  They acquired him at the end of the 61 season when it looked like he was at the end of his rope.  He pitched for them during Spring Training, and they released him in May.  He then signed with the Orioles, sort of got a second wind and went on to have a few more good years. 
I didn't have any Rocky Colavito cards, so I decided to make a grab of this pair for $4.  Colavito is not in the Hall of Fame like Roberts, but he was very good, with almost 400 home runs and 6 all star game appearances.  Both cards are in great shape, and the 1960 on top is really superb.  Again, these will be great adds to my sampler album.

Not so superb was this lot of 1960 Fleer cards.  There are some good names here, but they are not in great shape.   I blew it on this one even though I only spent $2.

I also picked up 3 1961 Fleers for $4.  I bought these because for some reason I had it in my head that Jeff from Cardboard Catastrophes was collecting this set and I was going to help him out.  I've been trying to find something good to send him because he has always been so generous with me.   After looking back over his blog I think I was wrong about him collecting these.  Who was I thinking of?  Eh, I'm glad to get the Hubbell at least.


1962 Topps Robin Roberts $2:  A  Good HOF pickup for my sampler album.
2 Rocky Colavitos $4:   A   Not a HOFer, but these cards are purdy.
1960 Fleer Lot $2:  D    If I'd spent a dollar more, I'd give myself an F.  Didn't need them, and they're not in good shape.
1961 Fleer Lot  $4:  B-   My target trade recipeint was off on this one, but I don't have any of these and they're in good shape.


Dhoff said...

Don't be so rough on grading the '60 Fleers. I've never seen them sell for 50 cents a card, regardless of condition. It's a cool set, and the cat that attacked Waner's face just adds character.

Spiegel83 said...

You should have outbid that little punk. Teach him a lesson for trying to drive the price up on Napkin Doon.

The Lost Collector said...

Man, sounds stressful. You should have bid $5 and then whispered in his ear, "Go buy some pokemon cards, you little jerk."

That Robin Roberts is awesome! I didn't know he made it into a Topps set as a Yankee.