Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gypsy Queen Life Vest- Courtesy Lifetime Topps Project

I've been a big fan of the the blog "Lifetime Topps Project" for a while now, and was thrilled when Charlie, owner of the blog, reached out and said he could help fill in some of my Gypsy Queen needs.  Charlie's blog is  informative and so thorough, it's a definite asset to the collecting world.  He just posted an overview of 1984 Topps, and reading it reminds me what a cool set that was.

He sent about 25 GQ cards I needed, including several SPs, helping take my set to above the magic 50% completion mark.  Once I get past 50% it's time to start putting the cards in pages!  Here were some of my favorites that he sent.  I was especially glad to get the Moreland and Andrus SPs:

Thanks for the trade Charlie, and keep up the great work on your wonderful blog!


FanOfReds said...

Maybe we could work out a mutual trade for GQ? I'm still trying to complete the base set, short prints, plus a few of the insert sets... If you have any extras shoot me an email!

Anonymous said...

I just got yours in the mail today - Thanks for the kind words and the trade!