Friday, December 2, 2011

eTopps Football Tracker 12/2

My God that's a beautiful worksheet.  Sure, it likely causes folks to immediately skip past my post when they are scrolling through Google Reader, and by now there are so many moving parts that it's probably completely nonsensical to everyone but me.  eTopps football will be wrapping up shortly I assume, so this string of posts will soon be history, but I will do something similar when 2012 Baseball starts up in the Spring.  Some highlights from the week:
  • No way did I expect the Von Miller card to do that well.  I know he's good, but didn't expect a defensive player to hold much sway.  
  • The Jake Locker card has been going up steadily.   I have no idea why, and while I'm tempted to sell high right now, I'm thinking there is something obvious that I'm missing.  Anyone see any reason to keep Locker in my portfolio?
  • So far my decision to sell Brees and Newton has been validated.  The buy now prices have not exceeded what I sold them for over the past two weeks.
  • No trades this week, at least of cards that are from 2011 Football, directly or indirectly.

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    The Lost Collector said...

    Not sure on Locker. He played half a game and looked ok. I'd move it while it's gaining value but that's just me.