Sunday, December 4, 2011

Conlon Collection Part 5: Peckinpaugh Is Fun To Say

 Card #37 in this set belongs to Roger Peckinpaugh.

Try it with me:  Peck-in-paugh.  Peck-in-paugh.  See?  Told you it was fun to say.  Peck-in-paugh.  I sat on the couch the other night just saying it over an over.  The lovely wife decided she would go out for drinks with her girlfriend instead of listening to me.  Peck-in-paugh.  I need a vintage card of him.  Peck-in-paugh.  I'm disappointed there isn't a T206 card of him, at least that I can find.  But I did see this on the internets:
and I think I need one.  I don't see any on eBay at the moment, but I'll keep looking. Peck-in-paugh.   The above page of Conlon cards has lots of great stories, so I hope you have a few moments to read them.  Peck-in-paugh.

Besides a wicked awesome name (sorry, I've been on the phone all week with folks on our Massachusetts office), I thought the write up on the Peckinpaugh card was interesting, and wanted to see if any of you baseball geniuses could verify what was said:
"Roger had been named MVP for the year, spearheading the Senators into the Fall Classic. However, he made such a miserable showing that never again did the MVP voting come BEFORE a World Series."  That's a pretty interesting tidbit if it's true.  But I thought I had heard that MVP voting was done before the World Series still?  I remember in 1988 when I was certain that Darryl Strawberry, my hero at the time, would be the NL MVP.  Kirk Gibson won the award, with inferior numbers.  I was certain that Gibson's World Series Heroics had swayed the vote in his favor.  I distinctly remember hearing this discussed on the radio, and the "expert" saying that the World Series could not have had anything to do with the vote since the votes came in before the World Series.    So I'm curious who is more credible:  the half crazy writer of these Conlon cards, or a sports radio talk show host in West Texas?

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