Sunday, December 18, 2011

eTopps Football Tracker 12/17

I'm starting to get a similar feeling toward this tracker that I did near the end of my hot dog tournament.  When is this going to end?  It was a little tiresome doing it this week.  But, I'm sure there won't be many more weeks of eTopps football, so I'm going to see it through.  Not much to note this week other than the spreadsheet has grown to the point where I need to save it as 2 separate JPGs for showing on the blog.

I guess the other reason I am losing interest in this is that I haven't purchased any of the new cards in the past few weeks.  The cards just haven't been strong.  And I haven't been trading or selling lately either.  I need to dump the Jake Locker card now while it's up.  I've been trying to trade it for an Eric Hosmer card and have not had any luck. 
Otherwise, it looks like I was right to pass on the latest cards:
The latest cards have all immediately fallen below IPO.  Tebow was offered this week and will be in ports by next Tuesday, so that may liven things up a bit in eTopps world.  However, I didn't get a chance to buy one on Monday so I'll be shut out on Tebow unless I trade for it or buy it on the secondary market, which I doubt I'll do.

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