Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Cool Deal From Coot Veal- Part 2

One of the great things about getting a large trade package in the mail is that it can be stretched into two blog posts, and requires very little thinking on my part.  I am always in favor of very little thinking.  Today I’ll show the cards of my favorite non Rangers/Razorbacks, courtesy Coot Veal and the Veal Tones:

Darryyyylllllll….. Daryyyllllll……. Darryyllllll…..  Darryl Strawberry was the man.  Period.  Oh, what could have been with that guy. 

A group of cards from two of the smarter players I collect.  At least I know Keith Hernandez is smart.  It seems like Al Leiter is too.    The Hernandez Fan Favorites card is numbered to 199 and is really sharp.

I probably shouldn’t root for Torii Hunter, him being an Angel and all.  But he is an Arkansan, and he’s just hard not to like. 

And finally, some Tony Gwynn.    He was good.

Dustin, thank you for a great trade, and I hope you enjoy what I sent!

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