Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Cool Deal From Coot Veal- Part 1

A looooooonnnnnngggggg time ago, Dustin from the awesome Coot Veal and the Vealtones blog reached out and said he had an autographed card of Razorback Eric Hinske in his possession and wanted to see if I was interested.  Indeed I was interested, but I didn’t have much to offer and the trade kind of fizzled out.  Thankfully, he didn’t forget about me and recently cast his line again.  This time I had a few things to offer. 
His cards arrived in the mail Saturday, and he sent way more than I expected.  In fact, this trade will take up two posts and it still won’t cover everything.  

Today, I’ll show you the Razorbacks and Rangers, starting with the main prize of this trade:

I was fortunate to see Hinske play a few games in person while he was with the Hogs.  He has become quite the seasoned traveler in the big leagues, but I’m glad to see him continue to get a paycheck.   I was “this” close to meeting him, too.  He was friends with a girl that interned at the book store I managed back in the late 90s and apparently he came by the store one day while I was not there. 

Dustin also sent a few other Hinske cards, none of which I had yet, and some always appreciated cards of Cliff Lee.

Next, we have cards of the new superpower of MLB, the Texas Rangers.    Yes, I know they lost the World Series.    Yes I know the Angels got Pujols.  The new superpower of MLB, the Texas Rangers:

 These alone would have made a great trade.  But there's more to show tomorrow!


The Lost Collector said...

Sweet Kevin James auto!

Dhoff said...

Glad you liked the cards. Good almost-encounter Hinske story.