Sunday, November 13, 2011

Etopps Football Tracker 11/13

There have been major problems with the "Pigskin Challenge" over the past several weeks at Etopps.  The Pigskin Challenge is a weekly fantasy game where you use cards from your portfolio to set a 4 player lineup.  Cards can only be used once per season, which encourages trades and purchase of new cards, and was a smart move by Etopps.  Historically, the popularity of the game has helped inflate prices on players who put up big stats, which I think is great, since it helps give value to cards based on how good the players actually are.  I'm thinking the recent technical problems with the game have to have something to do with the ever declining values on these cards.  Again, there is almost always a drop off on the value of the cards, but it usually happens after the season is over.  Here are the values of the cards based on what I could get right now if I sold them on

Note the Cal Ripken T206 card on the list.  I purchased a Demarco Murray card last week, and based on the odds of this card peaking immediately and dropping later, I traded it for an Etopps T206 Cal Ripken card:

Someone offered this for the Murray, and it was too hard to turn down.  I'm not sure I'm satisfied how I'm reflecting the performance of the trade with the above chart. I'll show the value of the Ripken card against what I paid for the Murray card, but also show the value of the Murray card in the group of cards I didn't purchase.
Being a Cowboys fan, I hope Murray keeps it up, but I think the odds are he falls back, either because that's just usually what happens with Cowboy running backs (see Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, Tashard Choice etc.), or the return of Felix Jones will take away some of his carries.  The Ripken T206 was a safe play, and I might try to trade some of these other Football 2011 cards for other T206 cards before they fall off too far in value.  Or I may just sell them all on and buy some donuts.


The Lost Collector said...

Not buying the Dalton was a Doonboggle move. Nice move on the Cal Jr though.

Napkin Doon said...

Yes, the Dalton was a miss. Looks like he is the real deal.