Friday, November 25, 2011

eTopps Football Tracker 11/25

Lots more movement this week as well on my eTopps 2011 Football purchases:

  •  I passed on the two cards offered last week, and I'm glad.  They're already tanking.  
  • Look at Tom Brady's 2011 card drop!  Wish I had sold the first week and bought a couple later with the money.
  • Speaking of Tom Brady, I'm not actually a big fan of his, but I seem to keep picking him up here and there.  I traded for another of his 2010 cards this week, giving up my AJ Green.  That may have been a mistake.
  • Aaron Rodgers is still doing well, although I did say if the card started to move down, I would sell.  I probably won't now though since he is in line to rack up a ton of performance points at the end of the season and I can use those for the catalog or shipping.
  • I was able to chuck the Steve Johnson card for a Nelson Cruz baseball card.  A little more value, and a card I'll want in hand when it's printed this December.

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