Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conlon Collection Part 4: Rube and the Old Perfessor

It's hard to pick only a couple of favorites from these Conlon pages, but I've always been fascinated by two characters that share this page: Rube Waddell and Casey Stengel  You should take a few minutes to read the backs of their cards below.

If you want your head to spin, read Stengel's testimony to Congress in 1958 regarding anti-trust laws.

As for Waddell, I read a little about him in Crazy '08 (which I highly recommend), and that book also mentions (as does the back of the card above)  his tendency to chase fires, literally:  "Among his more respectable hobbies were chasing fires(he adored fire engines) and wrestling alligators; he once taught geese to skip rope."

But that doesn't top the end of the write up on the back of Waddell's card: "His longtime catcher was another flake, Ozzie Schrekengost.  They were roommates and bedmates as clubs doubled up players then.  Rube liked animal crackers and Ozzie got it in his contract that Rube couldn't eat those with horns on 'em."  

I need to read more about this guy, so if anyone can recommend any material, let me know so I don't have to go to the trouble of searching on my own.

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Spiegel83 said...

I just followed your link to the Crazy '08 post. That book is tops on my list to purchase. The book sounds top notch. Maybe a more detailed version of early 20th century baseball as compared to the Ken Burns documentary