Thursday, November 17, 2011

Checklist Chipaway- Topps HD Clear Relics

I am trying to complete a master set of Topps HD from the 2 years it was issued (2000-2001), and recently was able to snag a couple of these relics at good prices.  It’s too bad the checklist for this insert set isn’t better (Vernon Wells is the best card in the set), because these are some ridiculously nice looking cards. You can't tell by the scan, but they are made of clear plastic.  There are only 8 cards in the set, so I am now 25% there.

I also reached another “milestone” on my master checklist this week.  I am now down to 40sets.  And according to my Napkin Doon2.0 Sanity Rules, 40 sets is now my ceiling.  If I had left my list at 41, I would have had room to maneuver, with 50 sets being the ceiling.   But I decided to cut out a couple of sets that did not have an adequate “cost/enjoyment” ratio.   


The Lost Collector said...

I've never seen those. They are nice looking cards.

Play at the Plate said...

I have a few HD cards, but I guess I didn't buy enough to hit a relic because I've never seen those either.