Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Checklist Chipaway: 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects

Last week I was perhaps a bit rash in my grade from one of the purchases I made from Cleve's weekly auction:

"Bowman Chrome Lot $4: C-  Sure, it will likely fill some holes in my 2010 chrome set, but I had already dropped that set from my Super Duper Checklist."

I guess I should have looked through the Bowman Chrome lot a little closer, because it contained about 85 cards of the 110 card checklist, and took my completion of this set from a paltry 60% to about 90% in one quick shot.  Between this lot and what I already had, I only needed 9 more cards.  I re-activated the set on the Super Duper Checklist and grabbed almost all of what I lacked off sportlots.com.  They came in the mail today:

I now only need card #84-Yowill Espinal to put this puppy to bed.   I'm sure I'll pick it up on my next sportlots.com visit.  I have a lot left over if anyone else is building this set and needs fillers.

I hereby give myself a solid A- for some shrewd auctioning and displaying tremendous subconscious brain power that led me to snatch up these cards at auction.

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