Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Weekly Trip to Cleve’s Auction Gets Sucker Punched…

I was pretty excited to take in another fun auction atCleve’s Tuesday night.  I drove to Springdale and when I arrived at the auction, I noticed all the parking spots were full.  No big deal, I just parked in the alley behind the store.  That’s where the trouble started. 
Just as I stepped out of my truck, my face was met with a fist.  And not just any fist.  The fist belonged to my Arch Nemesis, who I still haven’t named, and he was out for blood.  It was a total sucker punch and he used it to his advantage, beating me silly for several minutes.  I guess one of Cleve’s customers must have heard something going on, because he came out with his camera and got the whole thing on tape.   I decided I would share it with you.  The action picks up right as my nemesis had started dunking me in a barrel of water and trying to get me to admit he was the “master.”  I didn’t really want to reveal my identity on this blog, but I guess I’ll have to make an exception.   You’ll also get to see appearances from Cleve and, yes, the Lovely Wife.

A few thoughts:

·         I don’t know how this video was able to capture and illustrate the thoughts in my head as I was being dunked in water (perhaps it’s an app for the iPod), but you see that previous words of wisdom from Cleve and the Lovely Wife are partly responsible for the ass that I kicked when I realized that I, in fact, am the “master.”
·         I can’t really explain how I got my body to glow.  At the time, it was great, and helped me overpower my nemesis.  But now that it’s started, I’m having trouble controlling it, and it often happens at inappropriate times.  It’s a little embarrassing when I’m in a meeting at work and it flares up.
·         I’m not sure who the little man was that seemed to be egging on my nemesis.   They apparently have ties.  I’ll definitely keep an eye out for him.
·         I don’t know why he kept referring to me as “Leroy.”  But I’ve heard him call other people that too.  I guess it’s just his thing.
So, the point of this post is that I don’t have any Cleve auctions to show you this week. 


Ryan G said...

I'm sorry to hear about your horrible time. Maybe he just doesn't like you since you walk around shirtless and glowing like a radioactive fish. Hopefully your wounds will heal and next time you'll come equipped with a weapon - a katana perhaps?

Ultimate Dog Stop said...

Love that movie.