Monday, November 7, 2011

2 Brett Eibner Autos

One for each of my eyeballs to gaze upon...

This card was hidden away in the Bowman Platinum set without me realizing it until I stumbled across it on eBay recently.  I haven't seen anyone post about hitting this from any Platinum box breaks or wax openings.  I hope that is because no one has hit one yet, and not because they deem it unworthy of a post. 

I have openly pined after the stud former Razorback without shame and I geeked out after winning this lot of 2 autos on eBay recently for under $5 shipped.  And if any of you folks have this card available for trade, I'll take more.

1 comment:

The Lost Collector said...

This is a great looking set. Can't beat the on card autos here.