Sunday, November 6, 2011

Conlon Collection Page 2: Good Googly Moogly Indeed…

In the first comment on the first post on this series, Jeff from Cardboard Catastrophes just about nailed it as concisely as possible: “Good Googly Moogly. Those look like they were written by a barely literate, and completely drunk, 1950s ad man.”

That nails it.

Here are cards 10-18  for your viewing and reading pleasure.  

A few thoughts:

  •  Despite my having some fun with the backs of the cards, I do want to say the photos on this set are superb.
  • My favorite line is the opener for Leo Durocher: “Leo Durocher was probably the smartest manager in game control who put spikes in his walking shoes to ease the pain.”     Were there a whole bunch of managers who put spikes in their walking shoes to ease the pain back then?  
  • The story about Dizzy Dean drinking the soda on the train was actually pretty funny.
  • I  never knew Lou Gerhig was called "biscuit pants".  I love that at the end of the write up for Gerhig, the writer felt it necessary to answer what clearly was a rhetorical question. “Can you believe he (Gerhig) stole home 15 times as a Yankee?  Well, he did.”  Awesome.

These have been so much fun to read, and the photos are extraordinary!  Can you believe I scanned the whole set?  Well, I did.

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