Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Napkin Doon: Hall of Famer

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my work on this blog would lead me to the Hall of Fame, but I am proud to say that the Hall of Fame contacted me personally about one of my pieces and wanted to add it to their collection.  What an unbelievable honor!  In fact, I still remember when the Hall of Fame first contacted me, I told my wife with tears in my eyes that this made all the hard work of purchasing baseball cards, opening baseball cards, looking at baseball cards, and sorting baseball cards all worth it.  I assume that there will be a ceremony for my contribution in the near future and I will need to give some sort of speech.  So,  I basically can now say I am a  Hall of Famer, just like Ruth, Mays, Williams, all those guys.  Hall of Famer.  I doubt any of you chumps can say that.  I can.  I guess I've known all along I was better than most of you but I didn't want to say it without proof.   I think this does it. 

Yes indeed, the Baseball Card Hall of Fame now has one of my cards.  I assume this is the official baseball card branch of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  I've been to the Hall in Cooperstown, and highly recommend it.  I do remember the Baseball Card display, and I assume that is where my card is going, perhaps next to the T206 Honus Wagner.  I'm surprised they would need to request cards from bloggers, since I figured Topps would give them whatever they need, but I guess the Reggie Jackson card I had looked Hall of Fame worthy, and they were likely already rabid fans of my blog.   In fact, the Hall of Fame liked my contribution so much, they sent me a huge assortment of artifacts for my collection.   Here is what the Hall sent me in return, almost like a trade between baseball card bloggers:

This Michael Young beauty was the main focus of the trade.  Now THAT is a Hall of Fame Card.
Who knew the Hall had former Razorbacks on hand?  Cool!

They also sent a whole mess of current Rangers (and Cliff Lee)

And and even bigger mess of 80's Rangers....

Plus a bunch of stars I collect...
And.... um.....a bunch of giveaway cards with players I collect on them... 

There was even more in the package, but I wouldn't expect you non Hall of Famers to have the attention span to look at much more.  So a big thank you to Kyle at the Baseball Card Hall of Fame for a great trade and my imminent induction to your wonderful museum!   


Kyle4KC said...

Hey folks, don't tell Doon I'm changing the name of the blog. Something about infringement rights? The letter looks official so I better "cease and desist"? Whatever that means.(JK)

YOU can vote for the new name if you head over to my blog. Thanks!

BTW, he IS a hall of famer in my book!

The Lost Collector said...

What a honor!