Sunday, October 9, 2011

eTopps Football 2011 Value Tracker Update

I'm still in the black on my eTopps Football tracker, and have mostly been right on the cards I've declined to buy.  A couple of cards are new to the tracker this week:

I added Ryan Mallett and Adrian Peterson.  The Peterson is up as I suspected, and the Mallett is down as I suspected.  I normally would have waited to get Mallett later, and cheaper, but decided the former Razorback was worth buying at IPO price.  And he's only down 20 cents.  I missed the boat on Andy Dalton, but I just didn't want to pay $7 up front for that card.
Overall, the cards I've bought (up 47%) are above the overall average (up 26%).    Brees should be allocated on Tuesday, and I completely expect his card to stay above IPO as well.  As far as tomorrows new offering, I have a feeling we'll be seeing Cam Newton, and that one will be huge.

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