Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog Dog Semifinal Match 2: An Injury On The Field!

I knew this hot dog competition would be intense, but I wasn’t expecting one of the contestants to sustain a serious injury during it.  More on that later.

Yes, I have put this little project to the side for a bit, but that is mostly due to a very hectic work/travel schedule these past 3 weeks.  But I hadn’t forgotten about it, and was kind of excited to pick back up where I left off, which was semifinal match #2:  Five Guys Burgers vs. Chicago Dog.  The contest between these two is probably the de facto championship, since I can’t imagine either of them losing to White Oak Station.  But, as we’ve seen before, and as you'll see in this round, ANYTHING can happen in an amateur baseball card blogger’s regional hot dog tournament.  ANYTHING.

Five Guys was up first.  I placed my order online (the absolute best way to avoid the ridiculous lines that are still occurring at the Five Guys here).  One hot dog:  regular mustard, regular relish.  No more, no less.  The lovely wife picked it up on her way home from shopping.  I sat down, peeled back the foil, with much the same anticipation I sense when I peel back the wrapper on a pack of cards, and…

No relish.   I checked the receipt, and there was “relish” listed plain as day.  I looked at my hot dog again.  No freaking relish.  What a boneheaded move Five Guys!  Well, this did not bode well for them, who I  considered a favorite to win this tournament.   I went ahead and ate it, since I just don’t want to keep dragging this series out.   To me, it was like sending out your starting 9, but forgetting to field a shortstop.   You can do it, but you are going to suffer for it eventually.  And no, Lost Collector, this wasn’t the same situation as what occurred at White Oak in the other semifinal.  Don’t ask me to explain why, it just wasn’t.   
Yes, the hot dog, even with only mustard,  was  $&@*%-ing  delicious.  But Chicago Dog now had a total cake walk toward a championship match  against White Oak, and likely just were handed the crown by Five Guys because of an unforced error.

Today at lunch, I decided to drive over to Chicago Dog and get this formality out of the way.  I was very much looking forward to another Chicago Dog hot dog I must say.  I parked, walked up to the front door and saw:

One of the most unbelievable turn of events in the history of amateur baseball card blogger hot dog tournaments!  What a shame for Chicago Dog, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  I’m a patient guy, but I am not waiting until November 1 to resume this tournament.  Five Guys wins, and will face White Oak Station for the first and only Napkin Doon Hot Dog Tournament Championship.   Will Five Guys shoot themselves in the foot again?  Will White Oak pull the upset?  Hold onto your butts everybody!


Cheap Card Collecting said...

This is intense lol. Sell the tv rights.

The Lost Collector said...

A forfeit. I didn't see that coming this late in the game. I'd like to send a replacement from Gray's Papaya here on the Upper East Side.

By the way, I hit up a Sonic on Sunday and I'm shocked at how hard they are pushing their hot dogs (that sounded gross). A ton of people were ordering them. I was surprised. I wouldn't think "Sonic" if I wanted a dog, but maybe that's because I live in NYC? Who knows. All I know is that they discontinued their Frito's Chili Cheese Wrap and I was pissed.

piratesfan731 said...

This is my favorite blog series of all-time. Period.