Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hoosier Buddy? Potch at Indianaland that’s Who..

Potch over at Indianaland Picture Cards and I just completed a trade that was seeded by a one for one Bowman Platinum trade.  I was interested in a Jurickson Profar card he picked up (bottom row, right).  He also threw in some additional favorite Rangers of mine:

I love the Opee Chee Moments card of Michael Young, top center.  That expression HAS to be on purpose. 
He also sent some other cards of other players I collect:

I wonder what former Razorback Kevin McReynolds is doing now?  I think he is back in Arkansas.  I bet I could get these autographed.
Anyway, thanks for the nice easy trade Potch, and keep up the great work on a wonderful blog!   I hope you enjoy the cards I sent.

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- potch said...

I know I wrote you back but belated blog thanks! As obvious by my blog, the second half of September got very busy for me, but I've still managed a few trades and thanks again for your quick/easy deal.

Hope to deal again soon!

I should be up and blogging again in a day or so, too.