Saturday, September 17, 2011

GWAG12 Update

My recent travel slowed any momentum I had for my George Will for Allen and Ginter 2012 campaign.  Aside from sending a few cards with trade packages, I hadn't done jack the past week in this endeavor.  However, last night I did set up a GeorgeWill for Allen and Ginter page on Facebook, which will be interesting to watch, along with my own personal profile (Napkin Doon).  I put a post on George Will’s Facebook page, as well as Topps's.  It will be interesting to see if anyone checks it out, or assumes it is some spam garbage.


Jeremy said...

good luck! Last year I mentioned how I thought it would be cool to see blues musician Robert Johnson on a A&B card. It hasn't happened yet, but he did appear in Goodwin Champions. So maybe the card companies are reading our blogs.

The Lost Collector said...

Of course George Will is on Facebook.