Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lineage Rangers

I don't know what happened, but I very quickly changed my mind on Lineage.  I still love the mini relic cards, and some of the other inserts, but I have no interest in the base other than the Rangers cards.  Luckily,  neighboring state (OK) blog Cardboard Catastrophes (BTS, the more I read his blog and correspond with him, the more I realize we have in common- except I LOVE Star Wars) cares even less for Lineage and sent me the Rangers cards he had from his purchase:

This about covers my needs for Lineage base.  The Cruz card is super cool, and now I think I have all of the mini relics of the Rangers since I also received this Kinsler relic off eBay:

While the base doesn't do much for me, I still am enamored with the mini relics.  Once they come down in price, I will probably fish for a few more online.  I also really want the Josh Hamilton 3D card.

Thanks for the trade Jeff! 

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The Lost Collector said...

I got my first blaster of Lineage yesterday and I'm a huge fan. Easily my favorite set of the year. I got the Cruz base card if you need it.