Monday, August 15, 2011

Should I ? And 8/15 Etopps

This weeks etopps offering:
Brandon Belt
Paul Goldschmidt
Brent Lawrie
Eh i'll probably skip this week.
My real dilemma is this 1953 Bob Feller.  I really admire Feller and I don't think anyone can argue he was an all time great.  I've read two books by him.  He was a war hero. He was a Hall of Famer.   This is a 1953 Topps card.  It's in great shape.
But... I just spent a big chunk (for me) on a Satchel Paige card.  I told the lovely wife I would tone it down. 
But I NEED this card!
What if I could get it for under $20?
What to do.....


The Lost Collector said...

If you can get it for under $20, I'd say go for it and then skip next week. Compromise...

Ryan H said...

I'll second AJ's comment. If you can get it for under 20 bucks, you can cut back somewhere else.

Eric L said...

My biggest regret about living in Omaha for three years is that I never made it out to the Bob Feller Museum in Iowa. Stupid me.

I think that $20 for that sweet card would be a great purchase, but then again, it's not my money and I have no idea how comfortable your couch is to sleep on.