Friday, August 12, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night: Got It!

Even the Lovely Wife was impressed with this win at Cleve's auction this week:

1953 Topps Satchel Paige

I wasn't able to attend the auction, but found out Wednesday that my write in bid was enough to win.   I picked it up today.   Somehow my reaction was caught on tape when Cleve told me the good news:

If you have not seen this video before, stop reading this post and watch it immediately.  Try not to pee your pants laughing.  You can thank me later.

This Paige card immediately takes a spot in the top 5 of my collection.  Probably top 3.  I have always coveted this card, but it was a) hard to find and b) very expensive. 
I hope most of you are familiar with Satchel Paige.  Not only was he likely one of the greatest pitchers of all time, he was one of the true characters of the game.  I've read and enjoyed immensely his autobiography, and if I can get my act together and start doing weekly book reviews like I said I would, I will review it next.  You may already be familiar with his "Rules to Keep Young."  If not, enjoy:

Satchel Paige's Rules To Keep Young 
  1. "Avoid fried meats which angry up the blood."
  2. "If your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts."
  3. "Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move."
  4. "Go very light on the vices, such as carrying on in society—the social ramble ain't restful."
  5. "Avoid running at all times."
  6. "And don't look back—something might be gaining on you."
My goodness, I am excited to have this card!

I actually won two cards at the auction, this one and a second that deserves it's own post.  Here is my self given grade for this auction pick up:

1953 Topps Satchel Paige $60:  A+  This is the most I've spent for a card at one of Cleve's auctions, but I don't begrudge a cent of it.  This is family heirloom material.


Ryan G said...

I've seen that little dancer before. I don't think I heard his voice at the end though. He's like a little Indian Mini-Me. He is Indian, right? Anyway, that's a nice little card. I don't think I've ever paid $60 for a single card before, but I know eventually I will if I continue my type collection.

I looked at Satch's stats - he really wasn't too impressive once MLB banned his hesitation pitching style. I don't know whether that's a big smack in his face or MLB's. Was he good only because he deliberately threw off batter's timing by stopping in his motion on some pitches, or were MLB's hitters not good enough for his style? (I tend to rule in favor of the MLB hitters.)

Napkin Doon said...

Keeping mind he was probably 50 years old when he finally got into MLB.

Napkin Doon said...

Or 40+ anyway...

jaybarkerfan said...

A Gem!! Congrats Napkin

Ryan G said...

Napkin: yeah, he was old. But if you look at his record, he had a great "rookie" year, and then kind of fell off (of course, a whole number of issues could cause that). I think the banning of his pitch hurt him, though. He was still a good pitcher even in his last full year - a 3.07 ERA ain't bad. I bet with his hesitation pitch intact he would have pitched consistently until he was 60. (He pitched in the majors in '65 at the age of 59.)

Greg Zakwin said...

Incredible card.


Very nice.

carlsonjok said...

I have a chrome reprint of that Paige card. I saw a real '53 Paige at a little show last weekend and asked about it. The seller wanted $400. Obviously, I walked.

Well done!

The Lost Collector said...

Amazing card, Nap. I mean it.

True story - a woman at my office gave birth a few weeks ago. She named the baby boy "Satchell." I responded to the group email that went out and said, "wow, Janene had a Negro leaguer?" No one responded to me. I also did not get fired, so that was cool.