Thursday, August 11, 2011

Topps Lineage Appetizer

For the past few days, I have been checking the local Walmart and Target for Lineage, with no success.  I will see if Cleve's (my local card shop) has any, but I don't get down to his shop as often as I would like. I have been very excited about this set for some reason and couldn't take it anymore and bought a few Rangers hits on eBay.

These mini 1975 Relic Cards are soooooo cool.  The colors are vibrant and glossy and almost feel like plastic.  These are not as off center as my scanner is projecting.  I haven't seen any of the non relic minis, but if they are similar in feel and thickness to the relic versions, I am all over building that set.

I also got a couple of autos on the cheap:

These are great too especially for the price I paid. I am anxious to see the 3D and cloth cards in real life.  I definitely am going to go after some more of the minis!


The Lost Collector said...

Good looking cards, Nap. I'm looking forward to grabbing a few Lineage Yanks.

Eric L said...

I agree, those relics are definitely sharp looking. I like the green/purple scheme the best.

carlsonjok said...

Hey, I am not all that enamored with Lineage. I have the Nelson Cruz mini-relic and the Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, Nolan Ryan base cards. I'd be interested in working a trade.