Monday, July 18, 2011

San Doonego

I may need to move to San Diego.  I am here for the first time on business, and this city is incredible.  Thanks to post scheduling, I've been able to keep the blog updated daily with my Brycemas silliness, but I've generally been absent from the blog world over the past few days. 
We were in Salt Lake City Saturday and Sunday, Phoenix Sunday and today, and came in to San Diego this afternoon.  I was getting used to the furnace blasts every time I went outside in Phoenix, so when I got off the airplane today, the mild temperatures in San Diego put me in an instant great mood.  My mood really skyrocketed when I saw that our hotel was walking distance to Petco Park.  One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life:

I am so bummed the Padres weren't home tonight!  I love the walk up seats out in center field.  Apparently, they are free to the public. 
Awesome.  Simply awesome.
Of course, I almost wept when I saw this beautiful statue of one of my baseball idols, Tony Gwynn.  I don't care how bad the Padres are. If I lived here, I would be at this work of art of a stadium every stinking game.   The Lovely Wife and I are going to need to dump the kids off with babysitters and spend a few days here! 


Ryan G said...

Petco Park is a very nice location, though it has a couple problems. If you lived there, though, and went to enough games, you'd figure out how to navigate the park fast enough. Even if you can't see the game, take a tour, because it's a pretty good one.

FYI, those right field bleacher seats and the park behind them are closed to the public before and during games, and they are the first areas to open up (2 1/2 hours before first pitch) to ticket holders. It's the best place to be for BP, especially with left-handed power hitters in town.

The Lost Collector said...

Looks awesome. Never been to SD but hopefully one say soon. The Stadium looks gorgeous.