Monday, July 18, 2011

On The 8th Day of Brycemas

8 Cards of Big Shots
Here is a conversation I can see happening down the road with my son:
Son:  Dad, who was the greatest athlete of all while you were growing up?
Me:  That’s easy.  Michael Jordan.  He might be the greatest athlete of all time.
Son:  How many cards of him do you have?
Me:  Um, none actually. 
Son (Looks over my paltry basketball card collection):  Was Todd Day better than Michael Jordan?  And who’s Oliver Miller?
Me:  Well, they were Razorbacks,  son, and that’s why I have them.   But no, no they were not better. 
Son:  You have about 30 cards of those guys.  But you don’t have one Michael Jordan?
Me:  Uhhhh

Son:  Who was the best football player?
Me:  I don’t’ know.  Tom Brady was pretty amazing.  And he married Giselle.
Son:  Who?
Me:  Never mind.
Son:  How many of his cards do you have?
Me:  Uhhhh
Well, now I at least have a few of both of these guys, although in my defense, their cards can get pricy.  However, there are always good deals to be found on the internet, and I finally have some cards of His Airness and Brady.    Yes, these are pretty standard cards, but I’m proud of them all the same (and I did get multiples of many of these).


The Lost Collector said...

Nice pick ups. Hard to go wrong with any MJ' you just need a baseball card of him!

dodgerbobble said...

Sounds like you've got a couple new projects to work on.