Thursday, June 9, 2011

Merry Brycemas!

I hope my play on words isn’t offensive to anyone.  As you may recall, I found a 1 in 2,900 pack redemption card of uber-prospect Bryce Harper.    I swear I didn’t really buy that much Bowman wax, but besides the Harper auto, I also pulled 3 Chrome cards, 1 Bowman’s Best and one base card of him.  But the auto was the big one.  I’ve never had that kind of hit.  Ever.  The question to sell or keep really wasn’t that hard when I saw what they were going for on eBay.    I played the odds and sold and was pretty stoked by what I got for it.  Even if he is the next Mantle and this becomes a $1,000 card, I still came out ahead and won’t kick myself too hard.   Something tells me he might not have the makeup for it though.   Of course, at 18 I was quite an idiot myself, so I don't really begrudge him a moment of a-holeness.   
The card is gone now, but Brycemas has begun!  Once those funds from the sale were in my PayPal account, I went shopping.  My super duper checklist has immediately begun to shrink and I will have plenty of blog material as these packages come rolling in.    I will have lots to show over the coming weeks....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, he better grow up. I would have sold it too. Hope you got some good money for it.