Friday, June 10, 2011

Napkin Doons Attic Treasure #4: 3D Cards

I found about 3 of these bad boys in the attic.   I was a little nervous scanning these things, as they seem  pretty delicate.   Tony Gwynn is the card I didn’t scan.   I didn’t dare put Mr. Gwynn under the scanner door, lest the card get crushed.  Boggs and Mattingly made it through fine, though, so now you have something to look at. 
These came out in 1985 and were sold in packs, 1 per pack.  And much like other stuff I bought back then, I have no recollection of purchasing or obtaining these.   These are even bigger than the Donruss cards I featured a few days ago.  They have some peel away strips on the back, so you could attach these to the wall if you so desired.   And, like some of the other oddball things I have found in my attic, these are super cheap on eBay should I decide to build the set.   
So, with the size, the adhesive feature, as well as the 3 dimensional format of these things, do they still classify as baseball cards?  Or are they just simply collectibles?  If so, at what point does a card cease to be a card?  How rigid are we when classifying these things?  Do the EX Century plastic cards I like so much count as cards, since they are plastic and not cardboard?  Why hasn’t the grape caught on as a pie?   You’ve got all sorts of other fruits that work as pie.  Blueberry works great.  Why not grape?  (I stole that musing from Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I love the question.)

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Eric L said...

Good golly, are those 3-dimensional mustaches I see?
I'm gonna have to try to pick a couple up off the bay for my mustache set.

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