Monday, June 27, 2011

Checklist Chipaway- Hammer Time + Some Cliff Lee

For anyone who checks my blog Monday for the eTopps alert, I apologize for missing it today.   I have been slammed at work lately and the morning passed by before I even had a chance to look up.  I was happy to see a Mike Moustakas offering today, but it was $8 with a pretty high print run so I passed and will get it later when it comes down in price.  I did order a Mark Teixeira at $5 with a 499 print run. 

I am currently on hold with the 12 days of Brycemas project as I patiently wait for key cards for "Day 4" to come in.  These have been on order almost 4 weeks now and I'm getting pretty frustrated.  The seller on sent me a delivery confirmation number last Tuesday and said they were on the way.   Nothing is showing up yet for this number on    I still don't have the cards and am getting annoyed.  It was a big order of about 80 cards and my little song is in limbo until they come in. 

A couple of things did come in today though.  First, I sent a card of Cardinals prospect Matt Carpenter to Justin at Justin's World.  He was going to have an opportunity to get the card signed, so I gladly sent it over to help out.  For one card, I was just happy to help a fellow blogger,   However, Justin graciously sent me a handful of cards of one of my all time favorite Razorbacks and current MLB ace, Cliff Lee:

I'm always happy to build my Lee collection, so a big thanks to Justin!

I also wrapped up a small insert set off the Super Duper Checklist:

This completes my Hammer Team insert set from 95 Sportflix. 

I don't care if it looks or sounds like a silly insert set, I love the looks of it.  I also love how Sportflix built this set (as well as the Detonators insert set) in multiples of 9, making it conducive to pages. 

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