Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Checklist Chipaway: 1996 SPX

Received another batch of cards in the mail today.  This time, I was able to clip off a dozen cards from the 1996 SPX set on the Super Duper Checklist.  I am sure these things were super expensive when they came out in 96.  I got all of these cheap off sportlots.com and moved this cool 60 card set to almost 50% complete.   I'll probably grind out getting the next 15-20 cards over the next year or so, but once I get to around 80% complete, I'll feel the momentum and knock it out.   As with most cards like this, the scans don't do them justice although they came out better than I expected:

On the off chance anyone has some of these that they are willing to trade, here are the cards I am lacking:

1Maddux, Greg
2Jones, Chipper
3McGriff, Fred
5Ripken Jr., Cal
8Canseco, Jose
11Edmonds, Jim
12Salmon, Tim
14Sandberg, Ryne
15Grace, Mark
16Thomas, Frank
22Bichette, Dante
23Walker, Larry
26Fielder, Cecil
29Bagwell, Jeff
33Piazza, Mike
34Mondesi, Raul
35Nomo, Hideo
37Molitor, Paul
38Cordova, Marty
39White, Rondell
40Isringhausen, Jason
41Wilson, Paul
43Jeter, Derek
44Boggs, Wade
48Smith, Ozzie
50Caminiti, Ken
51Bonds, Barry
53Fernandez, Osvaldo
54Buhner, Jay
55Griffey Jr., Ken
57Rodriguez, Alex
59Carter, Joe


The Lost Collector said...

Nap, these are awesome. I love holograms, so much so that I did my sixth grade science project on them (and even showed a few of the Denny's hologram cards on my poster board).

Good luck with the set!

Kirk Jacobson said...

I have the Cal Ripken available. LMK if interested. my email is potziecards at yahoo dot com. I am sure we could work out something.