Sunday, June 26, 2011

Card Show Loot Part 2

I still can't figure out why I bought this:
1989 Donruss.  PSA 8.  For crying out loud Napkin! The worst part was, after I bought it, the dealer really started working me.  I'm sure he couldn't believe the luck of having a total sucker right in front of him.  Perhaps if I had said, "Sir, perhaps you do not know who you are dealing with.  It is I, Napkin Doon, in the flesh." Well, he would have realized he was overmatched and quit while he was ahead with the Biggio card.

Dammit, I can't believe I bought that card!  Maybe it's like when you decide to get a dog, you go to the shelter with intentions of coming home with a beautiful pure bred.  But you get there, and it's the sad little mutt that steals your heart and you can't resist him.  I've never owned a dog, but I assume that happens to some people.  So, looking back, perhaps that is what I... dammit I just can't believe I bought that card.  And I announced it to the world (or a handful of readers anyway) on my blog like a total jack leg.  Maybe I should put an scan of it on the sidebar of my blog and let it brand me like a scarlet letter so the blogging world knows my shame.

Moving on...  I was pleased with these $1 GU cards:

I normally wouldn't have bought the Prior card, but the little 59 on the jersey swatch caught my attention. I have no idea what it is, but it made the card pretty interesting.  I'm open to trading these by the way.

Perhaps my favorite part of card shows is scrounging through the dime/quarter boxes for bargains.  Here are my nabs:

A little addition to my side project of building a small collection of basketball cards.  I don't know anything about the Jordan UD card, but there were 10 of them and I got them all.  At a dime a peice, I figured what the heck. 

I also added some cool Piazzas for my PC.  I only got the Canseco "Bowman's Best Selections" because it was die cut and I thought it looked cool and wanted to use it as reminder to look for other cards in the set.   Turns out, it is part of a 15 card insert set from 2000 Bowman's Best.  And after a quick look at and COMC,  I see these cards are relatively expensive!  So score one for the dime boxes!


The Lost Collector said...

Solid $1 game used finds! The 59 is interesting. Let me know what you find out.

night owl said...

I rather like the look of '89 Donruss.

But, graded? Yeah ...

Jeff Laws said...

Love the analogy of going to the shelter. Too funny!