Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wax Wednesday- Which $20 was better spent?

One of the pluses of living in Walmart's backyard is that there are a lot of Walmart stores around here, and they are usually run pretty well, and stocked pretty well.  This played to my advantage yesterday when I ran to the nearby Walmart to pick up a few things and took my usual jaunt over to the card section.  To my surprise, Bowman had just been replenished and the shelf was packed.  It was very tempting to grab it all, but I realized a) I don't really care THAT much for Bowman b) I couldn't afford it even if I did really, really want it and c) my lovely wife would... well it wouldn't be pretty.

So, I rationalized that some serious analysis was needed of the difference between a $20 blaster box, and (4) $5 rack packs.  So I bought the necessary data input and brought it all home.  I am still alive today, but only because I think I got pretty lucky with the pulls.  First, a comparison of the contents:

Blaster Box4 Rack Packs
Base Cards2929
Base RC58
Gold Parallel84
Orange Parallel (#250)01
Blue Parallel (#500)01
1st Bowman1616
1st Bowman Chrome1414
1st Bowman Chrome Purple (#700)02
Bowman's Brightest11
Topps 10031
Finest Futures23
Topps of the Class10
Bowman's Best10
International Base10
Total Cards8280

I counted the cards in the blaster at least 4 times, and yes, I did get two extra cards.  However, I should have received 16 chrome cards but only got 14.  Maybe getting the auto or the Bowman's Best card in the blaster had something to do with the allocation, or perhaps the exceptions are explained somewhere and I am just too lazy to look into it. 

In terms of parallel cards, the rack packs came out ahead, hitting one blue and orange version.  I also got two of the purple parallel chrome cards in the rack packs, but none in the blaster.

In terms of inserts, the blaster was much better.  I really like the Bowman's Best set, but only got one card.  I also was excited to see a Tim Beckham auto in the blaster.

So how did I do with the real reason folks are snapping this product up?  Not too bad.  I got 3 Bryce Harpers:  2 Base and 1 Chrome.

Here are the highlights:

Blaster Box Highlights
Rack Pack Highlights

Of course, this experiment is a very small sample size, and the rack packs add a strong element of randomness.  I think the best way to come up with some solid conclusions and recommendations is to run this same experiment 4 or 5 more times.  Surely my lovely wife can't argue with that logic?


Ryan said...

Through my extensive experimentation with this product, I have a hypothesis that points to the rack packs being the better deal. Those babies are loaded. Also, I think that the Bowman's Best insert counts as a Chrome card in the packs.

The Lost Collector said...

Nice job...three Harpers are solid. From what I've seen, a lot of folks are having trouble pulling his base card.

Derek said...

Nice pick ups. I've busted quite a bit of Bowman and haven't pulled a retail auto yet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've heard a lot of people complaining that they are not getting the Harper cards so I would think you did really good.

Captain Canuck said...

to me, the packs worked out better. Yes, you got an auto in the blaster, but you could've in the packs too. But you nailed some of the coloured parallels, and that's where the $$$ is. Them's the cards the cool kids want.