Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trade Posts: BA Benny and Steve D

Last week I received my end of a couple of trades:

1st:  A big trade with BA Benny.  He sent a whole mess of cards of my favorite players:  Tony Gwynn, Darryl Strawberry, Ian Kinsler, Keith Hernandez, Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, and the list goes on.  He also sent two really cool Michael Young Ticket to Stardom cards that include a game used jersey and a ticket from a Rangers game.  That seems like a cool hit gimmick that should be continued in other sets.  Here are just a few of the highlights from the trade:

Thanks for the trade Mike! 

I also had a small trade with Steve D, who does not have a blog as far as I know.  We did a swap of jersey cards of NY catchers.  I sent him a Jorge Posada 2005 Zenith, and he sent a Piazza T206 jersey, along with an extra Piazza Ionix card (which is very cool in hand BTW):

Thank you Steve, I appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Good trade.

Steve D said...

Hope the wait was worth it - I'm just glad it got there. And thanks to you as well!