Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Napkin Doon's Attic Treasure #1: Topps Micro Sets

As I may have mentioned, I am on vacation this week.  I had grand visions of organizing my cards, improving my blog and updating my super duper checklist.  I'd say about 0% of has been done so far. I was able to pull down some boxes of cards/collectables  from the attic and dig through them, but that's about it.   And, with me and the lovely wife taking the kids to the Tulsa Zoo tomorrow,  going out of town for the holiday weekend, and traveling on business the rest of next week, I don't see much accomplishment on the horizon.  Maybe when I get done with vacation, I can finally rest and get in some solid goofing off and cardboarding done.  Until then, let's take a walk through some of the crud  interesting items I found in the attic from my previous collecting days.

In one of the boxes from the attic, I found a couple of really neat Topps Micro Sets from 92 and 93.  From what I can tell, these two years, as well as 91 were the only years Topps put this product out.  I wish they would issue them again, because they are really cool.  Here are some of the cards next to a standard mini card and a penny for scale:

I felt very old looking at these cards, alternately holding them closer and further and closer again to my eyes trying to find the right distance to gain focus.  I didn't include it in the scan, but there are checklists in this set.  I defy anyone without a microscope to read them.    The 1992 set also included a 12 card "Gold" bonus set.

They also were one step ahead of themselves on the Diamond Parallel cards everybody is snapping up this year.  The 1993 factory set came with a set of 12 "Prism" Cards:


SpastikMooss said...

Micro is so neat! I posted a while back about finding a quarter machine with capsules that contained 6 Micro cards each (along with capsules of mini helmets and other less cool stuff). I put in some quarters and got six cards, and they're so cool!

moremonkeys138 said...

I have the 1992 set. They are definitely cards for action figures being so small.