Monday, May 23, 2011

On A Diamond Cut Roll!!!

Maybe getting these is not that big a deal after all, but once again, I was able to scrape together a few mediocre cards and trade them for another 2011 Topps Diamond Cut Card of a Texas Ranger.  In no way did I think I would get this without giving up something great:

But I did, and I don't even remember what I gave up other than 1985 and 1987 Topps Tony Gwynns and some crud cards.  I can replace those for all of $.50 on or  Now I have 4 Rangers (Hamilton, Feliz, Kinsler, Young) and am halfway home to completing the team set.  And once again, the diamond code cards I used to trade for this beauty came from another $14.99 value box.


The Lost Collector said...

Nice job, Nappy! I just traded my McCann for a is scheduled to go live in like an hour. I feel like these Diamond Die Cuts might not be as tough as originally thought.

Steve D said...

Nice! I haven't had any luck trying to move my dozen or so mediocre 70's cards for even the so-so players who have die cuts

carlsonjok said...

I just got a die-cut Mantle. It looks like 95 have been unlocked at the site. On EBay they are going for $60-$70 right now. Going to be selling it for sure.