Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Checklist Chip-Away: Topps Sterling 2009 & Fleer Tradition/Showcase Inserts

The big card in the mail this week was this Babe Ruth Sterling 2009, a significant hurdle in completing this set.  Now that I have the Ruth, the Cal Ripken is going to be the most challenging to get on the cheap.   This takes me to 79% complete on this set, with 28 cards to go.    I had thought about building a White Parallel set, #d to 50, but I don’t see it happening.    I have listed the remaining cards I need at the top of my blog, so if you happen to have any you can part with, please let me know and we can try to work out a trade (not for this Ruth!).

I was also able to snag some cool Hall’s Well inserts for my Fleer Tradition binder.    There are only 15 cards in this set, and I have 7 now.  They have been kind of expensive, but I can be patient on these.   I also got a McGwire Consummate Prose insert that I needed, but it’s kind of a yawner, as were most of the insert sets for 2000 Fleer Showcase.

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