Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rubber Baby Baseball Card Binders

One of the big picture goals for my card collection is to get it organized and eye-pleasing.  This has been slow going, but fun.   I’ve been able to get a handle on sets that are currently incomplete with my super duper checklist (I need a better name for it).  I’ve also been able to sort out the players that I want to keep out of the commons boxes, but don’t necessarily want in albums.
Speaking of which, I am pretty dissatisfied with the look of my album collection.  I think the binders themselves are pretty boring, and do not have enough of a uniform look.  I am not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, but would like my card collection to look crisp.  For a while, I have been coveting the “Better Binders” at Staples, but they are so stinking expensive, I never bought any.    However, the baseball card gods were smiling on Napkin Doon this week, as I noticed the 1” binders happen to be on sale, buy 2 get 1 free!  So I got a few to see if they are as great as I think. 

Since they are 1” binders, my options to fill them are limited.  They will only hold a modest amount so I can’t squeeze in some of the bigger “Master Sets” I am working on, like 2010 Allen and Ginter, or 2003 Diamond Kings.   But they will work nicely for my Rangers and Razorbacks collections, and will hold the 1999 Flair Set I am one card away from completing (Hal Morris Row 1).
I like the small window on the binder for labeling.  I also like the rubbery feel of the binder itself.  It seems durable.  Maybe if I can make my binders look nice enough, my lovely wife will let me put them on the bookshelves downstairs instead of on table by the attic. 
So there you have it:  a whole *#!-ing post about binders.    Wait until I show you what I’m going to do with some plastic drawers, foam padding, and Etopps cards! 


Spiff said...

Nice looking. Here's what I did with some three inch binders:

Ryan G said...

It looks like Spiff is using the view binders. I use those binders myself because I can print a really nice color insert and it looks almost professional. What you've got there looks really nice too, especially with the binders being a team color.

Napkin Doon said...

Wow Spiff, that's quite a Rangers collection you've got. Very nice!