Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bandai Coins

During the late 80s and 90s I bought any and everything I could find that even remotely fit under the baseball card category.  Now that I have got back into collecting, it's been fun to dig out the old stuff and take a new look at it.  It's also fun to scan through back issues of Beckett and look not only at old pricing (more on that later), but the ads for products like this one:

I don't remember these coins, but of course I wanted to be a winner too.  At some point I guess I picked up a few:

These are pretty nice, heavy coins with some good detail.  At the time I was a big Mets fan, as well as Andy Van Slyke, so those must have been the coins that were visible in the pack.  Each pack also had a bonus coin you couldn't see, which is the only explanation for me having a Von Hayes coin (I hated the Phillies).  I've become more and more of a Robin Yount fan over the years, so I was glad to see that one in the group.  I would guess I could find some good storage pages from a coin shop.  I also am not seeing much of this on the net (ebay, sportlots, sportsbuy etc.) so maybe these have some value to them.  If anyone knows anything interesting about them let me know.

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