Monday, March 14, 2011

Cyber Monday

Mondays will be my day to post about purchases I have made and received via cyberspace (ebay,, and COMC) and whatever the new etopps offering is for the week.  Etopps is off this week, so I'll pick up with them next week and dedicate a little time to that wonderful little website.

Not sure what I was thinking, but I let my mouth get away from me tonight and told my wife that I would give up purchasing cards for lent.  I think I have enough in the mail queue coming to hold me over for a couple of weeks and allow me to keep up a Cyber Monday regular posting.  I've also got enough wax to open over the next month or so to cover Wax Wednesday.  We'll see how disciplined I can be...

Who am I kidding?  I'll fail in this endeavor by Wednesday, if not tomorrow.  Especially after getting my hands on the sweet sh%&! I got in the mail this week:

 I've heard some moans about the 2011 manu-leather patch cards, but I gotta say they are cool to me.  I got these Nelson Cruz "glove" cards pretty cheap, and they will make nice additions to my Rangers/Cruz collection.  I also picked up a cheap 2005 Marcus Giles Gallery jersey, and UD Game Face Gear jersey of Jorge Posada.  The price was great on both, and they both help whittle away at my monster checklist.  The Damian Williams Auto/Gear card is out of my collecting range, except I'm a big Arkansas Razorback fan (and alum) and he was at the U of A for one year before transferring to USC.  And the scan does not do this card justice.  Very, very shiny.  Finally, I got a nice Nelson Cruz 2011 silk card #d to 50.  Is it cool to like silk cards?... 'cause I do, baby!

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