Monday, February 10, 2014

52 (Bowman) Pickup: A Handful Of Commons

Since I started the process of building a 1952 Bowman set with such a barrage of stars (Feller, Snider, Stengel, Ashburn, etc.), I decided to breathe a little and start picking up some of the commons.  And to me, they're only common in a relative sense.  The cards are still beautiful little works of art, big names or not, which is why I love this set so much.  The pics:

 I've written about Sibby Sisti before

 Coincidentally, some of these cards are close together in the set numbers-wise, so it gives me a chance to show the types of pages I'm using for them:

The great thing about 52 Bowman is that they fit perfectly into business card pages, which hold 10 cards per sheet.  I found some heavy duty pages at Staples that seem very high quality (and weren't cheap).

So I'm about 10% done with 52 Bowman, which is the goal I set for the whole year (about 25 cards per year over a 10 year period is my time frame). 


The Lost Collector said...

You're on your way!

Play at the Plate said...

Beautiful cards. Real works of art.

Commishbob said...

You beat me to it... I was going to say that no 52 Bowman is really a 'common'. It's just a fabulous set. Good luck with it.