Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trading With an Old Coot

So I see there are all sorts of "Blog of the Year" and "Favorite Blogs" posts going around these days.  I'm not daring to go down that road this year myself, but I will say that if Dustin from Coot Veal and The Vealtones doesn't get some love in these posts, then what the hell are we all doing here?

Sure, I'm probably a little biased right now because he just sent me, again, an amazing package of cards.  Starting with this gem that none of you care about but me:

Dustin seems to be my pipeline for Eric Hinske autos, because this isn't the first he's sent me.  Actually, if we are ranking cards on the excitement scale, I might have to make this my #1:

My progress continues on building a 1952 Bowman set, and this Ned Garver is a very welcome addition.

Actually, it is hard for me to rank the cards he sent because there were a couple of others I was psyched to get:

GU of the Moose and the Straw-man!

Thanks for these wonderful cards Dustin, as well as the fun stack of Rangers, Naturals, Razorbacks and other great stuff that I didn't get time to scan.

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