Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Elation Of A Filled Up Sampler Album Page: 1952 Topps

I was certain this would be the last page I would complete in my Sampler Album, as even the commons can be pricey.  But I had 7 of 8 slots filled (because they are slightly larger cards, I have to use 8 pocket pages rather than 9) I decided to finish off the page last week at Cleve's with this Wally Post card:

Yes, my scanner sucks, and no this card isn't mis-cut.  Just trust me it's a sweet card.  And the page is sweet now also:
And here are the backs just for kicks:

So, no, not a lot of huge names, but I am proud of the Doby, Bauer and Post cards.  I imagine I'll upgrade a few of these to bigger names at some point, like probably Mantle, but for now it's good with me.



The Lost Collector said...

Congrats, that looks great. Really good assortment of players, but I'm surprised you didn't include your '52 Mantle here. I guess you just didn't want to take it out of your screw case, which I can understand.

Hackenbush said...

Not to mention PNuts Lowrey.