Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Parker Bridwell Rainbow!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about Orioles prospect Parker Bridwell.  I'm ecstatic to say that his Mom came across my post and we have corresponded a few times, and now I think it's safe to say we are besties for life.  So now Parker is my new favorite player in all of baseball.  Sorry Adrian Beltre.

Of course I'm grabbing up awesome cards of his where I can and had a few come in last week:

I already have one of these Bowman Chrome red wave refractors, but this one is super awesome, beingst that it's #1 of 25. 

I love the look of this card, what with the black frame around the orange Orioles uni.  The black is numbered to #15 so if my math is correct, I have about a good % of these in the whole wide world.

This is the pink version, numbered to 35.  Yes, it's pink so what?  I'm a total man, don't you worry about that.   I have a wife and we have two children, and you KNOW how babies are made don't you?

I just need gold, green, purple, blue and xfractor parallels (and maybe a printing plate!) and I'll have a really awesome page of Parkers!  I just hope his Mom doesn't see this and ask if she could have one. 


The Lost Collector said...

OMGZ an ebay 1/1!!!!

Very cool cards, and even cooler that Parker's mom has come across your blog. Always nice to have a personal interest when collecting someone's cards.

Maybe you should rename your blog? Something like "Father of the Bridwell"? See what I did there?

Napkin Doon said...

I see what you did there. You scared off Parker's mom, is what you did there.

Potch said...

Ha! Funny stuff (the post and comments).