Monday, December 30, 2013

Wil Myer's Shrinking Signature

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: I WAS ON THE FIELD WITH WIL MYERS A FEW YEARS AGO.  I also got his signature on a few things during a pre-season meet and greet with the Naturals.

So I have a desire to collect his cards, especially his official rookie cards from 2013.  I got my first ones in the mail a month or so ago- a pair of 2013 Topps Chrome:

But I also sort of feel like I need a super duper version of his rookie card.  You know, like a crazy-fractor or a pink camo or whatever it is the kids are getting these days.  Or better yet, an on card auto!  Yeah, that would be awesome!

I've been idly hunting a cheap on-card auto with the gen-u-wine RC symbol, but haven't been willing to pay what I need to get it.   Here is one I'd really like:

Well, I like the Chrome and I like the Sepia.  But man, what a cruddy signature.  Looks like something my 4 year old would scribble.  It made me re-look at the autographs I already had of Myers:

Sorry for the close up of his butt, unless that's what your into, which in that case, you're welcome!  But look- it's still not legible, but you can tell he put a little more effort into it.

The above was a program I won on Twitter from the Naturals.

I also got an autograph from Myers during a meet and greet several years ago while he was in Arkansas, and it was more like the program than the Topps card above:

I'm actually not hating here.  I get it- Myers probably signed a kajillion cards for Topps and got to the point where he just didn't give a crap.

So maybe, I don't need an autographed card after all.  I got the good Myers signatures while he was toiling away here in Arkansas!

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The Lost Collector said...

When I signed a few thousand baseball cards for Topps, my signature shrunk as it went on too.