Tuesday, December 17, 2013

COMC Black Friday Parade: 1950 Callahan

I unveiled my big 2014 goal of kicking off a 1952 Bowman set collection.  I could pretty much copy and poste that post here, but this time exchange "1952 Bowman" for "1950-56 Callahan" and express basically a similar goal. The Callahan set will be much easier (although a little less cool) than the 1952 Bowman set however.

 I think I already have what would likely be the most difficult part to obtain with this box the set was shipped in back when it was released:

I only had one of the cards though, Pie Traynor, and hadn't really pursued it much until now.  I happened to look these cards up on COMC.com during the Black Friday sale and found several that were only $1.50 each.
I bought half a dozen cards (there are 82 total): 3 players, and 3 non players:

At some point I would like to own a Rube Waddell T-206 card.  Until then, this Callahan will have to do. 

At $1.50 each,  these cards seems to me to be an incredible steal. 



The Lost Collector said...

You have a great ability to find cool old sets.

Ryan G said...

I love art-based sets, even sketches, so I have a feeling I'll try to collect this set at some point as well. Nice find, and it sounds like you got a great deal!