Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodies From Oklahoma

Jeff from Cardboard Catastrophes is at it again.  I saw the padded mailer on the counter today labeled "Napkin and Son Doon" and knew exactly who sent it without even looking at the return address.  Jeff has without a doubt been one of the most generous bloggers that I've met during this little blog project.

And this package was also sorts of cool.  First, and I assume this was intended for the "Son Doon:"

A huge stack of vintage Star Wars cards. These are so cool.  I've got a bunch more of these in a box somewhere, so I need to see if I have the complete set.  I bet if I didn't, this group filled in a lot of gaps.  I think my son wants to take these to school Monday.  I suppose he could take a few.

And there was something for moi as well, and this is plain badass:

I don't have any of these Camo cards of the Rangers, so I was really pumped to get this.  Not sure why my scanner cropped the hell out of it. 

Thanks again for the nice cards Jeff! 

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The Junior Junkie said...

Those SW cards are awesome.... I got the dirty C3PO but I've been thinking about getting them all.