Wednesday, September 4, 2013

About That "Passing" On Bowman Platinum.... *puig*

Look, I believe in 2nd chances.  It's why I still agreed to marry the lovely wife after finding out she used to make a living stealing cards and instead of going to college, she spent her 20's travelling with the circus.

It's the reason I still consider The Lost Collector to be a friend after finding out that he used to... oh I can't even bring myself to writing the words.  Trust me,  it was bad. 

Yes, I believe in 2nd chances, so I decided to buy some more Bowman Platinum, even though I did put in writing that I didn't like it and wouldn't buy anymore.

I guess having a great big forgiving heart worked out for me *puig*.  Here was what was in the first value pack:

Boom.  I collect Wil Myers cards because I was on the same field as Wil Myers once during a minor league game.  That's all the reason I need dammit.

Cool.  Not only did I get the purple refractor, I got the plain old base card too.  Did I mention I was once on the field at the same time as Wil Myers?

Yes!  All you need to know about Joey Gallo is that he hit 40 homers in the minors this year.  And he's 19 years old.

And the pack also yielded a couple of other nice cards of Tavares and Profar.  So that was a great pack and put Platinum back in my favor. 

But the next pack was even better *puig*.

Who knows if Lewis Brinson will make it to the Show, but apparently, he's a 5 tool prospect and had a good year this year in the Rangers minor league system.  I was happy to get this.

In my previous post about Platinum, I mentioned my dissappointment with these "ice" parallels.  They still aren't great looking, but I'll take whatever Yu Darvish cards I can get.

Yes!  Another cool Joey Gallo card!  Remember- 40 HRS/ 19 Years Old.

I'm a big fan of this sapphire blue rookie reprint set, so this was welcome too. 

So if this had been all I got from the 2nd value pack,  I would have been satisfied.  As I started opening the last pack, my only "complaint" was that I had opened 5 of these value packs and hadn't hit a Puig card yet.  I haven't hit a Puig in anything I've opened yet, and that kind of sucks.  I want to partake in Puig-mania too!

But, I kid you not, on the last pack I opened this beauty fell out:

Thank you cardboard gods!

I know the smart thing to do would be to sell this while Puig-mania is still going strong.  But knowing my luck, as more Puig cards hit the market, this one would tank in value right as my sale of it ended on eBay.  Plus, I figure the most I would likely get would be $40 or $50.  So I'm pretty sure I'll just hang on to it and hope he continues to be a star. 


gcrl said...

that's a purty puig. congrats

The Lost Collector said...

Thought you were going to out me for a second there...

Superduperman99 said...

I just ship my pants.