Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ranger Prospect Autos

I know not everyone does, but I kind of enjoy playing the prospect lottery game.  It's fun to go back through my Bowman cards that are a couple of years old and dig out players that have made it to the Show.  For me, it's equally cool to find players that I've been able to see play here locally in the AA Texas League, either for the Naturals, or even better, the Rangers AA team in Frisco when they come to town.

I picked up a couple of guys who I don't expect to see at AA this year, but likely will next season.  Both are considered high ceiling players with decent chances of reaching the Majors.

Joey Gallo will be playing in the Futures game this All Star weekend break.  He's considered Texas's best power prospect and has 80 power.  I don't know what 80 power means, but it's good.

Lewis Brinson is an athletic, toolsy prospect that is having a pretty solid season at Class A Hickory.  I see his name mentioned in a lot of trade rumors, so there is a better than average chance that if he makes it to the Show, he makes it with a team other than the Rangers. 

I guess the same could be said for Gallo, or most any other prospect.  And I'm always good with trading prospects for proven players.  If these guys do get through this season without being part of a trade package, I'm hoping to see them both play at the AA level next season in person.  In fact, there is a boatload of top prospects at the A level right now that have Rangers fans excited about the long term future of the team.

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The Lost Collector said...

Glad the Rangers finally have a prospect who can hit for power. They never have those...