Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Trade Bait Galore!

Tonight (Tuesday) was the first live auction at Cleve's I've attended in months.  I had a blast and picked up a lot more than I had been recently, living on write-in bids.  Looking over my haul, I have to say I doubt I keep most of it though.  It's basically all up for trade, so keep that in mind as you look at the pictures.  Some of this is already earmarked for others, but I'll note that where applicable.

We'll start with a lot of 30 vintage cards, mostly 1958 and 1962:
 The 1958s all turned out to be Phillies, which I didn't realize until I brought them home.  I bought the lot mostly for Richie Ashburn, who is not represented in my Sampler Album.  The Ashburn card also fills my 1958 page.  The Ashburn is not in the greatest shape, but is fine for now.
The 1962s are not in great shape, but I was able to use a couple for the sampler album.  There were 30 cards in the lot in all.

I bought one other vintage card at the auction- this Jim Rice rookie:

My 1975 page is already pretty strong, but this is still nice to have.

I also picked up a couple of nice autographs.  These aren't guys I collect, but the prices were good and I'm hoping they will make good trade bait:


The Bautista is an on card auto from 2013 Heritage and the Ethier is a sticker with a relic patch from 2012 Bowman Platinum.

On the relic front, I also picked up this lot of cards, again, hoping they can be traded:
Not an exceedingly exciting bunch, but this Nomo card that was also in the group is pretty cool:

It's numbered to 250, and a pretty unique card.  I'm assuming my favorite Nomo collector is interested so I'm giving him first right of refusal.

Rounding out my purchases are a couple of Yankees:

 This Museum Derek Jeter may be difficult to part with.

I don't know anything about Mark Montgomery, but here he is anyway.  The two Yankees above have a hold on them for the Lost Collector, unless he angers me.


Vintage 30 Cart Lot:  $10   B+:  The cards are a little on the dingy side, but that's still a great price for that many, including a Richie Ashburn.

1975 Jim Rice Rookie:  $2  A:  $2 bucks for that.  Really.

Tony Bautista Auto:  $5  A:  It's a beautiful card, even if I don't care anything about Bautista.

Andre Ethier Auto/Relic:  $3   A:  See above

Relic Lot:  $4   A+  The Nomo card alone is worth it, and at a minimum I'm bulking up my relic collection.

Jeter Musuem:  $2  B+:  I could probably get it for the same price on eBay or sportlots.com, but still.

Mark Montgomery Auto:  $3  B- :  Don't know who he is, but that doesn't mean he won't be good someday.

Again, practically everything is for trade, so don't hesitate to ask!


Greg Zakwin said...

I'd like to trade for the Bautista Heritage auto if it's available.

Brad's Blog said...

I'm interested in the 1958 Phillies. I still need a bunch of them for my team set (Already have the ashburn) Would you be willing to trade vintage for modern? I don't have a ton of vintage.

The Lost Collector said...

I will type very carefully as to not anger you, but I have no idea what sets you off these days.

Montgomery is a promising reliever in AAA right now.

May I also request the '62 Hal Stowe? I have no idea who he is, but he's a Yankee on a 1962 Topps, which is enough for me.

I'll check and see if I have any more Hank Blalocks to send you.

Spiegel83 said...

Hey Napkin! I am definitely interested in that Nomo card. I have never seen that one before. Give me a few days to get you something as nice for your collection. Thanks!