Friday, June 28, 2013

Dutch Oven Auto

Why is that my children choose moments when disaster is striking the Rangers to misbehave?  They'll be playing nicely together and if I'm watching the Rangers on TV,  usually everything is going smoothly at the ballpark as well.  But then one kid will do something the other doesn't like and tensions start to mount.     Sure enough, the Rangers will give up a huge home run, or commit an error, or someone will get hurt.  And then the kids decide that is the moment they need to show their asses.  At that point I'm ready to yell at them and the TV.  It's uncanny timing on their part, and the combination of my kids acting up and the Rangers acting up is enough to make me mental.

(I would outline how before our children came along, it was the lovely wife who had the uncanny ability to wait until the Rangers were falling apart in a game before she decided to plop down on the couch beside me either gabbing on the phone, or asking me a gazillion questions about god knows what.  I would outline this, but the lovely wife reads this blog and I don't at all want to give her the impression that I don't listen to her yammering when the Rangers are on TV.)

I wish I had been home for Thursdays game against the Yankees.  The kids must have been on their best behavior, because there were no disasters in that game.  Derek Holland (Dutch Oven) was brilliant, tossing a complete game shutout, and giving a worn out bullpen a break.  More importantly, it gave me a good excuse to show this Holland auto I picked up for next to nothing on eBay recently:

I've got somewhat mixed feelings about Panini Prizm.  Mostly, I hate the lack of logos and that pretty well ruins the whole set for me.  But to be fair there are things I kind of like too. 

Logo, or no logo, I'm happy to have a Dutch Oven auto in my collection. 


The Lost Collector said...

Chan Ho Park, in the middle of a massive diarrhea outburst, could have shut down that pitiful Yankees lineup yesterday.

Susan Lulgjuraj said...

I was at the game yesterday. Pathetic showing by the Yankees. But it was OK in the end (I was at Tuesday's game), and this was the sixth game I've seen at Yankee Stadium with my boyfriend when the Rangers are in town.

First time they won. And he's a Texas Rangers fan.